Friday, 9 July 2010


The lip syncing in this video was excellent especailly as some parts were challeging suh as the rappuing.

We really liked the fact that you included a vairty of dancers and people in your video and it was very appropriate to the style of music. The editing was fast pace which also suited it. You editing between shots was smooth which made the video good to watch.

We thought that your costumes were well thought out and were also very appropirate. We like them alot, especially the sunglasses.

You used a variety of shots which was good becuase it helped to increase the pace of the video so it suited the music. This also meant that all of the people within your video could be seen many times.



Quality of lip syncing
The lip syncing was good and showed emotion and was in time with the music.

Editing choices
The editing is well done and fits in with the music well.

Mise en scene
We enjoyed the contrast between the black and white backgrounds. The costumes were also very suiting the period of time that the song was made.

There was a good variety of shots within the song, such as close ups to emphasise the lyrics when there was singing.

12s2-39 feedback

1. The quality of the lip-synching was good the pronunciation of the lyrics was very clear
2. The editing was fast and worked well with the song also the black and white background helped to break up the different parts of the song
3. Black and white background helped to break up the different parts of the song also the costumes were bright and colourful and represented the era that the song had been made in
4. The camerawork was still but focused on the group and didnt waver this made the video clean and did not distort the view of the performers
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